Almost everyone arrested in Florida for committing a crime is entitled to a bond with the exception being those charged or arrested with capital crimes, violation of probation and being held for matters outside the State of Florida in which the other state seeks extradition of the person.

Typically you have to pledge collateral or put up money to be released on bond. For state court cases the bail bond company usually charges 10% of the amount of the bond in order for them to sign papers for you to be released from jail. If you or someone you care about are arrested, I can help you obtain a reputable bondsman so that they may be released from custody as soon as possible.

In addition, most jurisdictions, hold first appearance hearings within a day of your arrest. If your bail is real high an experienced attorney may be able to reduce the amount of the bond so that you may be released from jail.  In addition a lawyer can file papers with the court seeking to reduce your bond.

If your case is a capital case then the attorney needs to set a special hearing with the judge in order to determine the appropriateness of a bond. Furthermore, in some cases judges will impose special conditions of a bond such as not contacting the victim in domestic violence cases.

In these situations your lawyer can file motions with the court in order to modify the conditions of the bond so that you may have contact with people you absolutely need to communicate with.

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