A bench warrant, also called a capias, is issued when you miss a court appearance before a County or Circuit Court Judge.

A bench warrant permits your immediate arrest and can be issued in both civil and criminal cases.

Sometimes a judge issuing a warrant or capias will also issue a bond amount should you be arrested in the capias. However, other times you could be arrested and not be given a bond and are kept in jail until you deal with the situation.

Once a bench word has been issued, you could be arrested at any place at any time. This would include your place of employment or your home and could create a real embarrassing situation.

My office can review your case and file papers with the court to quash a bench warrant and in some cases even waive your appearance before the court, saving you the money from paying the bail bondsman or posting a cash bond.

If you think there is a warrant for your arrest you should contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately so that your rights are protected and you do not languish in jail.

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