In Florida a person can be charged, or accused, of domestic violence in a criminal or civil circumstance.

Domestic violence often erupts between family members after a simple misunderstanding. However, once the police arrive, the chances are very high that somebody go to jail.

Domestic violence can occur between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and between siblings. The most obvious domestic violence is when somebody hits or strikes another person. However, domestic violence can also be assault, false imprisonment or kidnapping, sexual battery, and stalking.

Domestic violence cases are unique in that they create a whole set of circumstances different than a normal criminal case. Once you are arrested for domestic violence you are not immediately entitled to a bond. You will have to appear before a Judge the next day in and a bond will be issued.

In addition the defendant will be ordered not to have any contact with the alleged victim, often times a spouse or child of the accused, until the case is over. Because of this you will be ordered to move out your own home and things of this nature.

Furthermore other consequences include that you may not carry a firearm which could be devastating to a person who needs their gun for employment purposes. Examples of this would be a law enforcement officer or armed security guard who needs their gun for work. If an injunction is issued against you, you will not be permitted to carry a firearm.

Even though many domestic violence cases are charged as misdemeanors the penalties and consequences for such a charge are significant. If you are convicted you will never be able to seal or expunge a record and you may be forced to participate in a mandatory 26 week domestic violence program. This could result in extreme personal and financial hardship.

Many times a person will use the domestic violence statutes in order to obtain an advantage in a civil case or to gain control of a home or business. If you are charged with domestic violence you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to sort out the facts and to protect your rights immediately.

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