Child custody and visitation issues can be some of the most painful, difficult and emotional issues a person will face during a dissolution of marriage proceeding.

There are few events in a child’s life that could be more dramatic and stressful then watching their parents get divorced. In Florida the standard is simply “the best interest of the child”.

To ensure that your custody issues are addressed, it is absolutely essential you seek the assistance of an experienced child custody attorney who can clearly argue on your behalf and represent all of your interest in court.

Most people are familiar with the term visitation, “timesharing” is the word that the courts now use when talking about visitation.

Timesharing is simply the amount of time each parent is to spend with their child. This particular aspect of your divorce should be a top priority. The emotional and physical well-being of your child should be paramount in your post-divorce life.

In Florida the parties are now required to enter into a “Parenting Plan” that literally spells out the days the children are going to be with you and the days that there to be with the other party. This would include holidays, vacations and things of this nature.

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