Sometimes, even after when your divorce is final, things change and the agreement or final judgment doesn’t quite work anymore.

Florida law allows for a party to come back to court and petition for modification of your final judgment if there’s been a substantial change in circumstances from the time of the entry of your final judgment until the current date.

Just as there are many reasons why a person may seek a divorce there are also many different things that can occur to you after divorce that may lead to a modification.

This would include a loss of a job, business failure, economic downturn, illness, a child reaching the age of 18, physical injury, finding new employment or moving elsewhere in the state of Florida.

Generally speaking judgements that can be modified are child support, alimony, visitation or time sharing with the children, and possibly relocation.

Should you find yourself in one of these circumstances you should consult with an experienced Florida family law lawyer to see if you may be eligible to seek relief from the court.

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